Fall-Winter 2017 Sneak Peek

Sport Shirts - Available August 2017. Retailers, please Contact Us for availabilty.

For FALL-WINTER 2017, the dominant palettes for menswear place a renewed focus on contemporary sport, archetypes of men’s uniforms, and plenty of luxe classics. Shades of blue with a range expanding from the coolest of cools to the deepest of depths counteracted by hazy bluish-greys that add a soothing touch to modern style. Ivory creams and subtle purples are complemented beautifully with a matte and undiluted dark blue, coffee colored shades of brown, olives, khakis & hints of gold, creating an elegant touch to neutral shades.
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About International Laundry

International Laundry has created a lifestyle brand of sportswear consisting of casual short sleeves, classic and stylish long sleeves, stunning sweaters and knitwear, casual blazers, jackets and bottoms. Every detail characterized by impeccable craftsmanship applied to extraordinary materials with a taste for elegance, a passion for color, and close attention to the details that add up to perfection. It is the small details that set us apart... View More

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