Spring-Summer 2018 Sneak Peek

Sport Shirts - Available January 2018. Retailers, please Contact Us for availabilty.

For SPRING-SUMMER 2018, Wonderlust is a trending mood. The theme reaches into the young, eager spirit of nature and adventure. Colors are energetic in high, pastel tones with a solid base of dark shades. Wonderlust colors come from a naturally deep base of woodland, camouflage green into a wild collection of orange, yellow and pink. Heightened shades of green and safety orange are charged with energy and optimism. Softer shades come off in a range of pastels that work with tonal partners. To soften the impact in fashions, bright crimson reds make good partners with lighter shades. Colors are shuffled and remixed. There’s also a romantic era coming in with soft shirts and draped looks. .
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