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There is no particular type of pattern that rules overall for the current season. Instead, the trend comes from not what to wear, but how to wear it. Whether you go for matching patterns or two color-complementary exploded prints, the key to pulling this off is exercising restraint where it's needed. Keep your accessories solid colored and preferably in blank-canvas shades like navy, black or white, and let the elegant prints & patterns speak for themselves.
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About International Laundry

International Laundry has created a lifestyle brand of sportswear consisting of casual short sleeves, classic and stylish long sleeves, stunning sweaters and knitwear, casual blazers, jackets and bottoms. Every detail characterized by impeccable craftsmanship applied to extraordinary materials with a taste for elegance, a passion for color, and close attention to the details that add up to perfection. It is the small details that set us apart... View More

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